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The GP2 is a 3 inch lure that can be fished as a mid-depth crankbait or trolled to deeper depths with ADC.


Glo-Pro Lures™ introduces “The Most Versatile Lure in the World”. The patented GP1 hard bait combines Adjustable Depth Control (ADC) with interchangeable Glo-Stick options. These lures feature watertight plugs, sound beads, and premium red Mustad treble hooks. Anglers will now have the most versatile lure ever offered to catch fish in varying light and water conditions.


Each Lure Includes:

  • GP2 Crankbait
  • 2x Glo-Sticks
  • Watertight Plug
  • Plug Removal Tool
  • Rigging Instruction

GP2 - Clear Perch

SKU: GP2-1103
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